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   How It Works

So you read the business pages of the Times and Internet magazines and listen to discussions on National Public Radio and they all tell you that advertising on the Web is a dead issue. They say it doesn't work, nobody's buying it, the exchange plans are simply not working well. Companies that depend on advertising to fund their sites or their entire businesses are going belly-up and frantically looking for other ways to generate income.

At Relmax Flash Banner Exchange we don't see things that way. We have found a way to make Internet advertising effective. We are concentrating on flash technology because it gets much more response than regular banners. People remember flash banners better, giving you more brand recognition. As a member of our exchange you will develop more and more traffic to your site. If you are selling a product or service, you will see your sales expand. It's that simple

Here are the superb features and benefits of our program:

  • Your ads take part in a free exchange with the ads of other members. You show other members' banners on your site while yours are on other sites.

  • We have a TWO-LEVEL referral program. That is, by referring more members you get more credits. And if the people you refer also make referrals, your credits increase again.

  • Flash banners have a higher response rate than non-flash banners. This means greater traffic to your site. Your site does more to reach your communication goals because more people come to it.

  • Your banners can be targeted to your chosen audience such as a particular industry where it appears on sites. You also can target by time or day of the week. There is no additional charge for these features.

  • Relmax Flash Banner Exchange has a phenomenally low exchange rate (commission). Most competitors keep 50% of what you earn! We only keep 30%.

  • You will find assistance throughout our site because on every page we have a HELP hyperlink that connects you to explanations on every step of the process.

  • We are so confident you'll love the service offered by Relmax Flash Banner Exchange that we are giving you free credits to try us out.

  • We allow an unlimited number of banners in each account.

  • We offer several subnets to fit all your needs.

  • And if you really need to talk to a "real person," experienced Relmax operators provide friendly customer service.

Have you read this far? Then you must be interested. Contact us or Sign Up now.

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